The Best Inspiration for the Best Designs


The M Workshop, a Dynamic Team of Advisors

The M Workshop is a network of advisors within the Millenium Community. These ambassadors have extensive experience of using gaming products. Their knowledge of hardware and passion for the Millenium brand means they are best placed to advise our designers. They actively participate in the testing and approval of Millenium equipment, sharing their thoughts on each product with technical experts at our dedicated design forums.
Millenium Equipment: products designed and developed by gamers for gamers!

Products Inspired by the Community

The Millenium community is a group of committed amateur and professional gamers. Our members are passionate about games, passionate about hardware and like to ensure that all their equipment is geared towards a high level of performance. The Millenium community is an incredible source of inspiration for all our products.

Working with Industry Experts

Millenium Equipment works with leading hardware and peripheral device specialists. Together they have decades worth of experience within the French hi-tech community and the world of gaming. Their extensive expertise means they can design products to give gamers equipment that delivers in terms of performance, power, reactivity, comfort, style and ergonomics.

JérômeA leading hardware expert with over 20 years’ experience in IT, new technologies and hardware components. Jérôme provides Millenium with a wealth of experience and boundless passion for new technologies. His extensive knowledge of the industry is essential when it comes to evaluating Millenium’s new product designs.
Pierre-LouAn expert in special peripheral devices (simulators, VR/AR etc). Pierre-Lou takes an in-depth approach to the development of gaming products and his expertise is invaluable when it comes to designing unique devices.
Yannis Astuces PCYouTuber and PC hardware expert. Yannis has 8 years hardware experience and has appeared in over 400 videos. He provides a unique perspective during the product development process and his high level of expertise is recognized within the gaming community. He’s a real asset when it comes to designing high-performance products.
WilliamA hardware fan for over 6 years. William primarily focuses on the design of peripherals. He is an active gamer and in touch with the real world of eSports, which is essential when it comes to building gaming products to meet industry standards.