Since 2002

Uniting playersCédric Page created Millenium in 2002. In doing so, he fulfilled his lifetime ambition to create a vibrant gaming community with strong core values: performance, sharing, passion and innovation.
The growth of eSportsOver the last decade or so, the community has expanded significantly and Millenium has played a key role in the professionalisation of eSports. Millenium was the first French organisation to set up a Gaming House and many top-tier, international eSport athletes have earned their stripes at Millenium
The brand of choice for hardcore gamersMillenium now has over 15 years’ industry experience, its team of pro players has achieved incredible international success and its committed gaming community continues to thrive, making Millenium a big name in the world of gaming
The statsThe website, France’s most popular site for hardcore gamers, has over 2 million unique visitors every month, The community includes 700,000 followers on social media, The Millenium eSport team has won more titles than any other French club

Millenium, the brand of choice for hardcore gamers

Millenium has always pioneered eSports in France, breaking new ground with its community of gamers from across the French-speaking world. Today it’s THE brand of choice for passionate, professional hardcore gamers.
Players at all levels are looking for high performance and Millenium’s products have been created with this in mind. All products have been designed, developed and tested by our experts in collaboration with Millenium’s ambassadors: reputable, active members of the community. Finally, the range meets the needs of all types of players who can proudly fly the flag for the Millenium community.
Millenium is so much more than an eSports news site; it’s THE daily companion for all hardcore gamers, both online and IRL.


A word from the creator


“In 2002, there was a clear community spirit amongst gamers in the US but not so much in France. With Millenium, we’ve contributed to the growing popularity and professionalisation of eSports by developing our media-specific expertise and creating a genuine community around our passion for gaming. Today, Millenium is on the rise and, drawing on our knowledge of gamers and their needs, we’re proud to be able to provide members of our community with products designed by and for them.”