Millenium Display MD24 PRO

An affordable monitor with awesome features!

Responsive and smooth.

Experience exceptional responsiveness with this optimized for gaming 144Hz VA panel.

It provides you with low response time, going down to 4 milliseconds: you’ll say goodbye to the ghosting effect, where pixel updating takes too long : if you’ve got one, you wont have any excuse to loose the game!

This model is also equipped with FreeSync Technology and is G-Sync Compatible (via the Display Port) to synchronize the number of frames per second updated by the monitor with the graphics card: no more micro stuttering and other micro-freezes!



Increase your gaming immersion thanks to the curved panel (1200R) of this model and enjoy a fresh look at your favourite games!

By combining two MD24 Pro screens, you will reap the benefits of a clean but also immersive setup thanks to its thin edges.


To avoid ending game sessions with low back pain, this model is height-adjustable !

This way, you can adjust the perfect monitor height for best ergonomic posture.


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