Millenium Display MD25 PRO

Take it to the next level with our Millenium Display PRO monitors !


The number of times the monitor updates with new images per second (in Hz) is essential for smoother gaming!

Switch from a 60hz to a 144Hz monitor and realize the huge amount of information that you were missing: now you can rediscover your favorite games.

Equipped with FreeSync technology and G-Sync Compatible (via the Display Port) to synchronize the number of frames per second updated by the monitor with the graphics card: no more micro stuttering and other micro-freezes!



Experience exceptional responsiveness with this optimized for gaming 144Hz TN panel. It provides you with low response time, going down to 1 millisecond!

You’ll say goodbye to the ghosting effect, where a pixel takes too long to update: with this monitor, you wont have any excuse to loose the game!


To avoid ending game sessions with low back pain, the MD24 PRO has a height-adjustable stand!

This way, you can adjust the perfect screen height, for an ergonomic position.

You can also use your screen in portrait mode, for work-related tasks or for a streaming setup!


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