Millenium Display MD49

You want only the best? Discover the MD49, with 32/9 format, 144Hz and HDR!


You’ve always dreamed of being immersed in your game but without having to go through an expensive virtual reality installation? The MD49 is perfect for racing games or immersive solo games!

Thanks to its ability to simulate multiple screens, this model is the perfect partner for your office tasks, combining a dual screen setup into a single one!



Having a wide screen is one thing, but having a high quality image is just as important! This model has a VA panel with QLED backlighting, providing absolute brightness up to 380cd/m².

This screen is also compatible with the HDR 400 standard, for the brightest images ever!


The number of times the monitor updates with new images per second (in Hz) is essential for smoother gaming!

Switch from a 60hz to a 144Hz monitor and realize the huge amount of information that you were missing: now you can rediscover your favorite games.

Equipped with FreeSync technology and G-Sync Compatible (via the Display Port) to synchronize the number of frames per second updated by the monitor with the graphics card: no more micro stuttering and other micro-freezes!


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