Millenium MT2 Keyboard

Be prepared to excel in your games with a powerful equipment created to be reliable and long-lasting.

The keyboard designed to boost your performance

The MT2 keyboards are featured with red mechanical switches (linear stroke). The keystroke is much faster, more sensitive and accurate, offering an incomparable playing experience! Also, the endurance and longevity of these switches is no longer to be proven: they can withstand up to 50 million keystrokes per key! With the anti-ghosting feature, which prevents misinterpretation of pressed keys, seasoned players will make the most of their games thanks to this powerful, reliable and resistant MT2 keyboard.

Customized, Stylish.

Beautifully designed, our Millenium keyboards are equipped with a full RGB mode. The advanced backlight customization allows the gamer to display the keyboard in his favorite colors: the software is not required to use the keyboard’s features. For more style, the braided cable will merge perfectly into your setup and its robustness during intense game sessions and will ensure a long lifespan.

Comfortable, Robust.

For more comfort and to adapt to each player’s choice, the typing height can be adjusted thanks to the keyboard feet. The metal base is designed to withstand the most challenging games and guarantees stable controls for experienced gamers.

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