Millenium Mouse MO 1 Advanced

Equip yourself with durable, accurate and responsive weapons to perform like never before.

Precise, Responsive.

This improved version of the MO1 mouse will increase your speed and accuracy thanks to its optical sensor that delivers up to 8000 DPI. Completed with a 1000 Hz frequency, you will benefit from a phenomenal responsiveness to stand out on games that require precision and flawless speed. This mouse is ideal for FPS or Battle Royale players!

High Performance, Customized.

To adapt the mouse to your gaming style, you can easily set the number of DPIs and the backlighting using our software.
For better results, the mouse weight is designed to be as light as possible to facilitate the player’s movements and provide better playing comfort in tough sessions.

Long-lasting, Endurable.

A mouse’s endurance is a crucial point to survive long and tough game sessions. That’s why our MO1 Advanced mice were analyzed and tested under all conditions to guarantee endless endurance and responsiveness. They can support more than 10 million clicks, which makes them the best allies of the gamer over time!

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