Millenium Mouse MO 1

Excel in games that require absolute speed, accuracy and responsiveness.

Precise, Responsive.

Equipped with an optical sensor of up to 4000 DPI for a fluid reach and accurate movements. Enhanced with a 1000Hz report rate, you will benefit from a flawless responsiveness to excel on games that require precision and speed.

Customized, Comfortable.

For more comfort, you can easily set the number of DPIs using our software and match your mouse to your gaming style. For gamers searching for high performance, weight is a major factor. That’s why the MO1 mouse has been designed to be comfortable and as light as possible, to ease movement and provide ultimate comfort during extended gaming sessions.

Long-lasting, Endurable.

To survive harsh game sessions, the MO1 mice were tested under all game conditions to assess their endurance and responsiveness. Since they can support more than 10 million clicks, the gamer will have a loyal playmate for life!

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